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Important in this moment the Gas station does not offer CNG as fuel.

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Conversion of diesel bus to work on diesel-cng, Novi Sad, Serbia.

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On 09.08.2010 in Kostinbrod a new CNG, LPG and gas station was opened, property of Metan Market Ltd.
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“Metan Market” Ltd. is established in 2004. The activity of the company is in the following sectors:
  • compression of natural gas for vehicles, home and industry;
  • delivery of CNG for mobile compressor stations, home and industry;
  • production of trailers and gas packets for transportation of CNG;
  • reconstruction of diesel engines for cars and trucks to work on CNG and LPG;
  • delivery and support of busses – urban and country lines, using CNG as fuel;
  • reconstruction of diesel busses and trucks for CNG fuel, replacing the engines with new CNG engines

Important in this moment the Gas station does not offer CNG as fuel.

Снимка на бензиностанция Метан Маркет
Reconstruction of diesel engines
Gas engines service
Specialized workshop for car gas installations. The reconstruction of diesel engines to work on CNG/LPG is being done in the workshop.
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Photo gallery
Photos of some reconstructed vehicle diesel engines, in order to work on CNG/LPG .
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Diesel on CNG/LPG
The company service is doing reconstruction of vehicle diesel engines in order to work on CNG / LPG
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Blue energy system
Modern system for reconstruction and ability of diesel engines to work on CNG/LPG.
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