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Conversion of diesel bus to work on diesel-cng, Novi Sad, Serbia.

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On 09.08.2010 in Kostinbrod a new CNG, LPG and gas station was opened, property of Metan Market Ltd.
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Conversion of diesel engines to 100% using natural gas as motor fuel.
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  Systems for reconstruction of diesel engines to work on CNG and LPG.
  Omnitek Engineering, Corp. is a leader in the development of advanced engine management systems and exhaust emissions control technologies. Omnitek is working in a cooperating effort with other leading companies and research centers around the world to develop advanced engine technologies and emissions control systems for IC engines.
  - delivery, start of operation and support of CNG stations - base stations (near gas-main) and local (no access to gas-main);
- delivery and setup of packets and trailers for transportation of CNG; - recontruction of gasoline and diesel engines for CNG fuel. A market research has been made of the leadnig countries in the branch, like Italym Germany, Argentina, Holand.
  "AGU - M" Ltd. - licensed service for installation, support and repair of (CNG) Auto Systems. Reconstruction of diesel engines to work on CNG and LPG.